Promoting Self Value & Raising Achievement
through building confidence & instilling
self-belief to progress


Renewing the passion for learning by supporting the management of understanding & managing choices, thoughts, feelings & actions

Supporting concentration skills, tackling challenging behaviour, building resilience


Getting to the root of the problem. Sharing experiences, problem solving, parenting tips

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Who We Are

We are an outreach organisation that provides social & emotional support services. Set up to meet the growing needs faced by young people and their families, living in inner city urban locations.  We work with all ethnicities, however, our projects target communities perceived to be culturally, economically or geographically disadvantaged. We see our organisation as part of the solution of ‘breaking the cycle of abuse and failure to thrive in these communities.

We do this by providing educational, emotional and mental health support.  We specialise in working with people of African and Caribbean descent and work with school aged young people in all sectors.  Our Re-Connect Programme is both preventative and corrective, devised to ‘raise aspirations’ and ‘change behaviour’. We have a focus on improving resilience and fostering emotional literacy.