Q What is your service about?
A Lite-Waves Re-Connect Programme is a social and emotional support package, which has a two-pronged approach. We use creative arts to engage young people in educational and non-educational settings. We engage with their parents through targeted work depending on the needs. Our works include individual and group work sessions, drop-in sessions, counselling and advocacy; we showcase our work through celebratory events and by employing people who have successfully completed the programme when we are able.

Our inspirational and behavioural programmes work well with young people and their families, particularly those children and young people that are identified as being vulnerable and disadvantaged. Our programmes are designed to significantly raise aspirations and improve behaviour and attendance, and more importantly narrow the achievement gaps between different cohorts of students.

Q Are you contactable all year round?
A Whilst, our work in schools is term time only; our work in youth projects and other organisations is all year round.

Q How do individuals access your services?
A Currently we only work through Schools and Community Projects. Community organisations and Schools can contact us via the link on the contact us page and request a telephone consultation or meeting.

Q Does your service provide 1-2-1 mentors?
A Providing mentors; is a fundamental part of our work with people. Individuals need personal space where they are encouraged to think things through and talk about their issues with someone who is able to hear their heart and support them with action plans.

Q Do you have mentors for young people?
A Yes, we believe it is important for young people to be able to express their feelings outside of a group setting. This removes the peer pressure element that stops them being able to fully talk about their true feelings and experiences. This enables them to receive the practical support that they need

Q Do you work with external organisations?
A We are a mobile service and thus we are either contracted by external organisations and work in their premises or we partner with them in the delivery of our work

Q Are group sessions split according to gender and age groups?
A We offer bespoke programmes and so are able to split groups according to gender and age

Q Do you work with parents?
A Yes, we provide support for parents on an individual basis and through group workshops

Q Is there an opportunity for parents to meet with workers?
A Part of the work we do with young people is work with their parents; we see this as an essential part of our work with them. We find when parents are involved young people do better. Our Educators meet with parents before young people are signed up for the programme and thereafter on a regular basis for the duration of the programme

Q How do you work with disruptive behaviour?
A We see our organisation as part of the solution of ‘breaking the cycle of abuse and failure to thrive’ within the community. We do this by supporting young people and their parents educationally, spiritually, and emotionally.

The essence of this programme is to ‘raise aspirations’ which then ‘changes behaviour’ we do this by helping the participant to understand the link between their values, emotions and actions. We work from a multi-faceted perspective, with a particular emphasis and expertise on prevention and correction in order to more effectively support young people’s development; we do this by delivering a personalized early response to the issues young people face.

Our Re-Connect educational programme and support package is developed from a fusion of several theories and practices that are based on proven research that work best to’ raise aspirations & change behaviour’. We provide genuine outreach work, and our method is to work with people in their familiar surroundings for example schools, youth projects and community organisations