1-2-1 support

 1-2-1 support

We believe that mismanaging feelings can lead to a culture of non-learning as young people tend to concentrate effort on the seemingly easier things, which momentarily produces a good feeling but is not always positive or conducive to learning.

Pam Hibbert (2004)  says that

The culture of our education system, which puts a huge emphasis on academic achievement, is against children who need extra support for whatever reason, and certainly against children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

She also says that

Schools have had no choice. They’ve had to go down that line and it has made it very difficult for them to address the differing needs of children, whether those needs are because that child comes from a different cultural background or for any other reason. (Culture-reason-Black underachievement-schools 2004)

At Lite-waves we understand the differing needs and ensure that each step of the way, our 1-2-1 work is specifically tailored for the individual. This flexibility means that if the child or young person is experiencing problems that he/she can’t express within a group, time can be taken to properly support them. To ensure they understand the experience they have had, and are able to work through that experience in a positive way