Success Stories – Young People

Success Stories – Young People

Forest Hill, Aged 12

I come here to learn to cook and be more social with the world, I hope to achieve happiness and get better at talking to people and making them laugh and gain the ability to ask questions and ask for help. What I like doing is learning to make smoothies and cooking. I don’t like spending too much time on the computers because it stops you from socializing. Well it really made me think that I can talk to people more and ask questions, to ask how things happen and why. I have got the help I hoped to get and what’s changed is I’ve become more talkative than I thought.

Next I want to achieve making movies and talking out loud to lots of people. My best things is being able to talk to them about anything, they can help you to do more activities and be motivated to do fun stuff when your down. They teach you things you thought you could never do.

Forest Hill, Aged 15

I come here because it is friendly and everyone is welcoming. Didn’t enjoy the string workshop because I didn’t have anything to say, as I am listened to at home. I feel that I have become less shy because I have met new people and had fun. Also I have made new friends and enjoyed myself here. When I am older I want to become a nursery teacher. I will do this by being confident and outspoken. Also, by not being afraid of new things. My best things are watching movies with everyone, interacting with new people and having fun with everyone

Forest Hill, Aged 15

I have developed a deep understanding on team work , awareness of what happens to others. I like cooking food, watching movies and the group discussions. I have gained confidence in talking about myself to others; I have found a new me. My three best things is being allowed to cook, I get free advice and I get to watch free movies

Forest Hill, Aged 15

I have developed a deeper understanding of myself (a youth) from the adult perspective. I have achieved learning outside of my own environment, discovering the meaning of true happiness, pleasure and friendship, being less judgemental, opening my mind. I would naturally like to continue coming as I have no intention of leaving with the splendid enthusiasm of our workers. I can’t wait to explore the world away from school and preconceptions to fulfil my aspirations as a nutritionist and help others love their mind body and soul. Peace & love
Much gratitude to Educators as well as all those involved in Youth Project. My Fridays are much better now!

Forest Hill, Aged 15

It is a place to escape from my home, I like hearing people’s views on a subject. I have a place to go and mix with other people. Workers listen to you when you have something to say, you get to play nice games that help you learn but in a fun way.

Forest Hill, Aged 13

I can talk without being scared of embarrassment. I like doing artwork together. I have learnt how to project my voice. My best things about the workers are they are funny, annoying and persistent

Forest Hill, Aged 15

I like making more friends and learning to keep friends. When I first came to the group they gave me confidence to talk to people I don’t know. I like just coming having freedom with my friend and not staying home. My best things is coming, meeting people and having fun

Forest Hill, Aged 14

It has given me someone to talk to, It helped me to fit into my own body and accepting who I am as a person. I enjoyed the euthanasia debate, it jumped from one thing to another and it felt like we got a lot more covered (it jumped to self harm) I gained more friends and I’m very open about myself with others. I want to get a good college education and open my own restaurant with my friend.

Forest Hill, Aged 14

I come here to help build my self-confidence, I wanted help to be more respectable, I like the rope exercise because it helped me to reveal more about myself. I have now become more confident. I would like to do a swimathon for charity one day and to achieve this I need to believe in myself

The 3 best things about the workers are that they understand my position, they can relate to me, they believe in me and I like being able to unwind from the week

Mitcham, Age 17

Every bit of the course has been so important to me, especially the emotional side of it. I’ve learnt how to control my temper when I get upset

Lambeth, Age 16

I’ve learnt a lot from this course and I am very grateful for what this course has given me to cope with the outside

Lambeth, Age 17

Since I’ve taken this class I have built up confidence in speaking to people in an audience which I would have never done before.

Wandsworth, Aged 16

I have learned a lot about how to stay in a good state of mind and how to deal with my inner problems

Tooting, Aged 19

I found the course very eye-opening and useful in many ways.

Tooting, Aged 16

I learn not too over-react and keep myself from trouble

Balham, Aged 15

It’s given me more confidence and taught me to be more positive towards my negative emotions and change my way of thinking